Ferret Herder (ferret_herder) wrote in get_lippy,
Ferret Herder

MAC Blot Powder and Tinted Lip Conditioner

Over the weekend, I finally replaced a lost compact of MAC's Blot Powder - very lightly tinted powder that's great at soaking up oil. Apply right over makeup, or use even if you're going without, as it's very subtle. The MAC makeup consultant recommended for me, even with my very pale skin (and my assurances that I would not be tanning), that I use the Medium tint, and I can confirm that it's quite good at blending in with my skin.

And I think I may swoon - they have a new lipstick/sunscreen product out, Tinted Lip Conditioner line in SPF 15 and 7 shades. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't notice this at the counter while I was there.
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